250-1870-TOY Seat Heater Toyota Vehicles w/ Custom Switch

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Part number 250-1870-TOY includes two seat heating elements (one for the seat bottom, one for the seat back) a Toyota-style thumb dial control switch with five heating levels, and custom harness with integrated power module.

The seat heating elements and harness feature a high-temperature adhesive for holding the heating elements to the seat's interior foam, wires wrapped in a protective convoluted tubing to eliminate wear and tear chafing of the wiring as well as locking connectors.

The control switch features a custom design to fit the blank knockout panels on today's most popular Toyota vehicles including the Camry, Tacoma, Prius, Tundra and more. As well, the control switch includes an orange LED to backlight the switch when it is powered on and a dimmer wire to connect to the vehicle's factory wiring which illuminates a green backlight making the switch easier to locate in low-light conditions.

Product Features

  • FMVSS 302 flammability compliant
  • 10.5” x 19” heating elements included
  • Trim-To-Fit heating elements
  • Insulation protects wires from damage
  • Latching wire harness connectors
  • High-temp rated element adhesive
  • Temperature Settings
  • Level 1 - 111oF
  • Level 2 - 122oF
  • Level 3 - 126oF
  • Level 4 - 129oF
  • Level 5 - 135oF

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  • 5
    Perfect Kit for my 2014 Tacoma

    Posted by Boomer Mafia on 8th Jan 2024

    Well made kit and the switches fit my center dash like OEM. Installation and review on my YouTube video https://youtu.be/kYVOMIOZmrM?si=ieX_0qKFiFzGIgP3

  • 5
    Good Product but vague instructions!

    Posted by Kell on 29th Jan 2023

    For the price these are a great option! The instructions were vague but make sure you tape any cut edge of the heater. Also wish the the cord length from the switch to the control box was longer. It would give more flexibility on where those bulky parts have to get located.

  • 5
    Rostra Toyota Seat Heater

    Posted by Unknown on 1st Jan 2023

    Works great. Switch matches SMALL 3rd gen Tacoma panel switches. Prompt delivery. Better price than Amazon. Would by again

  • 5
    Easy install

    Posted by Alexander Granick on 24th Sep 2022

    Fairly easy to install in my 2012 Tacoma. I put them on seat covers to save some hassle. Switches feel good. Heat is good.