250-1900 Rostra Seat Heater

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New Vehicle Seat Heater System Now Available From Rostra

At Rostra Precision Controls, we are pleased to introduce a new seat heating system designed to match the performance and quality that your customers have come to expect from our ComfortHeat® line of aftermarket accessories. Now available for sale and immediate shipment, part number 250-1900 includes two trimmable carbon-fiber seat heating elements with locking harness connectors, a fused primary power harness, a 3’ control switch extension harness, a 13/16” three-position round rocker switch with Off, High, and Low heat settings, insulating tape for covering trimmed portions of the heating element, and cable ties for securing the primary wiring harness once routed. As always, each ComfortHeat seat heating system only requires a 12-volt ignition power source and a chassis ground connection for operation.

Product Features

  • FMVSS 302 flammability compliant
  • 9” x 19” heating elements included
  • Three element trimming locations
  • Insulation protects wires from damage
  • Latching wire harness connectors
  • High-temp rated element adhesive
  • Green Low setting LED
  • Red High setting LED
  • Temperature Settings
  • 91-degree Low
  • 127-degree High