Rostra Cruise Control Kit Installation

The cruise control may not be one of the first features you consider when purchasing a new vehicle, but oftentimes even if the buyer wants this feature, he or she may neglect to check if the vehicle comes with cruise control until after taking it home. However, it’s never too late to fit your vehicle with cruise control with the availability of aftermarket cruise control kits, which are affordable and easy to install.

Advantages of Installing an Aftermarket Cruise Control Kit

Whether you bought a new car without considering cruise control or acknowledged that this feature was missing, it’s never too late to install a high-quality cruise control kit for your vehicle.

You can easily add aftermarket cruise control kits to your vehicle and they are easy to install. Some of the benefits that you’ll find with Rostra cruise control kits can include:

  • Ability to increase gas mileage because of the vehicle’s consistent speed
  • More comfortable ride
  • Less vulnerable to becoming fatigued while driving, especially during longer drives
  • Decreased risk of speeding with the ability to set your vehicle’s speed at a specific limit

What Sets Rostra Cruise Control Kits Apart?

Rostra is one of the most trusted names in cruise control for several reasons.

Rostra brings 150 years of experience to serve as one of the best partners in the automotive and manufacturing industry. Today, Rostra is the largest cruise control and transmission parts supplier in North America, having spent years developing new innovative products including some of the most reliable cruise control kits available.

Universal cruise control systems function by constantly measuring changes in vehicle speeding and engine loading to control the vehicle’s speed. Using a universal kit from Rostra, you can make sure the vehicle maintains a consistent speed and successfully avoid speeding violations. Cruise control can also reduce driver fatigue, which is particularly beneficial during those long road trips. You can also save money with cruise control kits by increasing fuel efficiency because of the lack of speed fluctuation, which would normally require the use of more gas when throttling.

Rostra’s universal cruise control kits are designed for vehicles with nearly any design, including:

  • 3,4,5,6, or 8-cylinder diesel and gas engines
  • Dashboard or steering wheel column mounting options
  • A majority of cars and trucks with a mechanical throttle body
  • Both automatic and manual transmissions, though a manual transmission for a diesel vehicle may need a clutch switch

Rostra Universal Cruise Control Kit Features

The Rostra cruise control kit is easy to operate, allowing drivers to coast and increase or decrease the vehicle’s speed by one mile-per-hour per tap.

Each kit includes a 3-year or 36,000-mile warranty based on whichever comes first. The wire for the Vehicle Speed Sensor is already in harness, which further increases ease of installation. The kit features a modular design and is compatible with a neutral safety compatibility switch.

Rostra kits are always designed with quality in mind, which makes them a reliable purchase with every installation. There’s no shortage of design variations, either, which means you’ll be able to find the right model for your vehicle, regardless of make or model.

Installing Rostra Cruise Control Kits

Once you buy a cruise control kit for installation at M&R Electronics, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions for installation. You can count on our team of professionals to answer any questions along the way and provide assistance as you install the kit when needed. We can also connect you with a local affiliate shop if you would prefer to get the kit professionally installed.

Get a Rostra Cruise Control Kit for Your Vehicle Today

As soon as you’re ready to install a cruise control kit in your vehicle, M&R Electronics is here to meet your needs with a reliable Rostra aftermarket cruise control kit. Simply contact us today if you would like additional information about our products or if you have any questions about installation, and we’ll help you find the right cruise control kit for your vehicle.