Complete Backup Camera Buyer’s Guide

Backup cameras have made it easier and safer to park and back out of spaces in situations that could otherwise result in impact. There are many backup cameras out there, which can make it difficult to make the right choice when shopping for a camera, so we’ve provided this complete guide to help you find the right one for your vehicle.

Why You Should Consider Car Camera Systems


Backup camera systems are one of the most innovative developments in safety for a number of reasons, making them one of the best purchases you can make for your vehicle.

Importance of Backup Camera Safety

There are several advantages of having a backup camera installed in your vehicle, including:

  • Elimination of the rear blind zone
  • Broadened range of visibility
  • Improved parallel parking
  • Reduction of minor collisions
  • Safer trailer towing

All of these benefits make backup cameras some of the best installations available for a car or truck of any type.

Types of Reverse Camera Systems

Here at M&R Electronics, we provide a variety of car backup camera services for many different American and Japanese/Korean cars. The different types of backup cameras we can install include:

  • In-dash backup cameras, which feature GPS along with a backup camera
  • Dash-mounted backup cameras
  • Wireless backup cameras
  • Rear-view mirror cameras

The type of backup camera will depend on your vehicle’s make, model, and size, so it’s important to make sure you know which camera to look for based on your vehicle’s specific requirements and structure.

How to Choose a Backup Camera System

There are several steps you’ll need to take to locate the right backup camera for your vehicle.

Inspect Your Car’s Dashboard

Whether your camera system is installed in or mounted to the dash will be determined by the type of dashboard you have. If your vehicle is compatible with either, installers will help you make additional selections.

Parking Lines

A large number of backup camera systems feature on-screen guidelines to assist with backing into or out of a difficult position. These lines will help you judge distance from certain objects in your vicinity. If drivers don’t want this feature, certain models offer a “selectable parking lines” feature that enables you to turn them off. “Active parking lines” are also available, which bend as you turn to help predict your vehicle’s trajectory when in reverse.

Image Sensor

A majority of backup cameras use CMOS or CCD sensors. These image sensors convert light to signal through two methods: Digital CMOS or analog CCD. CMOS sensors require less power and are more sensitive to image noise than CCD sensors, but the latter are for handling fluctuating light scenarios than CMOS sensors. Much like smartphones, it’s debatable regarding which is better, but either will essentially produce the same results.

Viewing Angle

Typically, backup cameras provide a good horizontal viewing angle, with some capable of 190-degree views. The wider the view, the more you’ll see.

Mounting Position

Depending on your vehicle’s structure, there are a few different mounting positions to choose from when installing your backup camera.

  • Car bracket mounting - This installation is the most universal in its installation approach, providing an adjustable bracket that allows you to mount the camera nearly anywhere on the vehicle’s exterior.
  • Lip mount camera - If your vehicle has an inset area on its rear, you can likely use an angled lip mount backup camera, which is arguably more subtle than license plate mounts.
  • License plate mounting - In some cases, vehicles will have matching license plate frames that are compatible with backup cameras, while other systems will require the use of a strap mount. Strap-mounted rear-view cameras will fasten over the license plate using screws.

Where to Find a Backup Camera System

If you’re looking for the perfect backup camera to make reversing easier and safer than ever, we have a wide selection of backup cameras and kits available here at M&R Electronics Inc. depending on your needs. As carriers of a wide variety of high-quality auto electronics for vehicles of all makes and models. Whether you’re looking for a backup camera system or other reliable long-lasting products, you’ll find what you need when shopping online with us. We also offer a variety of OEM repair services to keep your vehicle’s systems working the way they should.

How to Install a Backup Camera

General steps to installing a backup camera are:

  • Mounting the camera on the designated area
  • Running wires from the monitor to the vehicle’s ignition power source and backup light circuit

As long as you have experience with light automotive repair and basic knowledge of automotive electronics, you should be able to install a new backup camera system. And if you run into any issues along the way, you can always call the experts at M&R Electronics for assistance.

Find the Right Backup Camera for Your Vehicle

Here at M&R Electronics Inc., we offer a variety of top-quality backup camera systems for vehicles of all types, including:

Regardless of what type of backup camera system you need for your vehicle, we have it here along with plenty of other high-quality products here at M&R Electronics.