250-1903-BZPRO BackZone 4-Sensor Park Assist Digital Display

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BackZone Pro Included Components
Full-color retail packaging with space of barcode labels.
Glossy installation/owner’s manual
Drilling template for accurately aligning sensors to bumper.
Four flush-mount ultrasonic sensors with paintable bezel *.
Four rubber insulator sensor sleeves for use on steel bumpers.
Four under-bumper mounts for mounting beneath bumpers.
Stainless steel under-bumper mounting hardware.
8-foot sensor to control module extension harness.
BackZone Pro control module with advanced firmware.
Dashboard/Visor audio-visual display **.

Standalone buzzer with 19’ extension harness ***.
21.5 mm hole saw for use with sensor-only installation.
24.5 mm hole saw for use with rubber insulator installation.
Two-wire harness for making power and ground connections.
Two quick splice connectors for use on power and ground wires.
Cable ties for securing extension harness to vehicle body.
Four 6-degree angled sensor bezels for angled bumper covers.
Four 12-degree angled sensor bezels for angled bumper covers.
3M VHB mounting tape to secure control module in place.
3M VHB mounting tape for securing dashboard display in place.
* Sensors include 17.5” wire leads.

** Options for Off, Visual Display Only, or Visual Display and Audio Output (90 dB).

*** Options for High Audio Output (105 dB) and Low Audio Output (90 dB).