DashCam Dashboard Video Recording Devices by Rostra

Introducing DashCam - a series of compact, fully-featured digital video capture systems that use a standard SD card for storage and record on-road video while you drive. The DashCam recording units and their associated accessories are specifically designed with mobility in mind. Their compact form factor means they blend seamlessly into most vehicle dashboards and windshields while providing easy access to their many features including video playback, starting and stopping recordings, and turning audio capture on or off. The software suite included with each Dashboard Video Recording System provides a sophisticated means of extracting video to a personal computer for editing, as well as providing access to many other features including overlaying GPS coordinates onto a Google Map to view driving patterns, and viewing telemetry data such as in-car G-forces experienced while driving.

DashCam Features:

  • High quality H.264 profile video compression
  • 30 fps NTSC/25 fps PAL video
  • Full motion video and audio data logged
  • Search and view previously recorded events
  • RCA video-out cable included (250-8919 only)
  • Can record two different driver/user profiles
  • Recorded videos can be password-protected
  • Automatic recording with ignition power
  • Firmware-driven menu system
  • Built-in GPS antenna (250-8919 only)
  • Hinged mount conforms to any windshield
  • 40 available time zone settings
  • Sensitivity settings for cars, trucks, and motorcycles
  • Suction cup mount included
  • Double-sided VHB tape mount included
  • USB SD card reader included
  • Full-color owner's manual 
  • Speed logged in mph, km/h, or knots
  • Built-in microphone for in-cab audio
  • Infrared LEDs for night vision (250-8919 only)

DashCam Video Recording