260-1029 CiteLite set (2 LED lights). Warm/yellow

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Universal Headliner LED Lighting System by Rostra
Introducing CiteLites, a unique new way of illuminating your vehicle’s interior. With their high-power LEDs, CiteLites provide improved visibility over classic halogen lighting during low-light conditions. Once connected to a vehicle’s ignition or constant power source, CiteLites can be powered on manually by pressing the light fixture itself for instant illumination. CiteLites are offered with two different lighting color temperatures - a warm light to match your current halogen lighting, or a cool, white light for extra clarity.

Product Features
Sold as single or dual LED assembly kits.
Paintable trim bezels for matching vehicle interior colors.
Included foam disks dampen vibration of the light fixture.
All necessary harnesses and electrical connectors included.

Manual on/off operation by pressing the light fixture.
6-foot power extension harness included for versatile mounting.
Require only a 1-inch hole in headliner for assembly mounting.
Available with cool/white or warm/yellow light output.