250-8950 Dual-Channel HD DashCam Event Recording System

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View Videos Over Wi-Fi on Your Mobile Device

With built-in 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi capability, you can preview, download, and playback videos recorded by the 250-8950 event recording system and configure various settings from your iOS or Android smartphone through a Wi-Fi direct connection.

View Videos with the Windows Desktop Application

While Wi-Fi connectivity and the ability to access videos recorded to the 250-8950 event record while on the road can be incredibly handy, the Windows-based video viewing program provides access to myriad other data points including information recorded from the control module’s built-in G-shock sensors, driving speed, and vehicle route overlaid onto a Google Map. 

Product Features

  • Front 1080p@30FPS HD Camera
  • Rear 720p@30FPS HD Camera
  • Surface-Mount GPS Antenna
  • Audio Recording Through Remote Microphone
  • Direct Connection To Wi-Fi Enabled Phone


  • 3-Wire Connectivity For Quick Installation
  • Voice Prompt System Messages
  • G-Shock And Motion Detection Modes
  • Supports Class 10 SD Card Up To 64GB
  • 9V - 28V Operating Voltage
  • Dual High-Definition CamerasThe dual camera assemblies included with the 250-8950 DVR system allow drivers to actively capture on-road footage in high definition.Forward-Facing Camera
    1080p @ 30FPS
    3 Mexapixel Sony Sensor
    Rear/Interior-Facing Camera
    720p @ 30FPS
    1 Mexapixel Sony Sensor
    Included 16GB Class 10 Micro SD CardThe included micro SD card ensures installers get their customer’s vehicles on the road without the need to source an SD card from a local retailer. Customers can expect the following recording times:
    2 Channel (Full HD + HD)
    16GB 5h23m
    32GB 10h47m
    64GB 21h33m
    2 Channel (HD + HD)
    16GB 8h28m
    32GB 16h56m
    64GB 33h52m
    TAT File System/Storage ArchitectureThe TAT file system is a new way of cataloging data on removable storage devices like an SD card and features:
    Video recording down the second power is shut off.
    Extended SD card life with no need to reformat periodically.
    Secure video storage requiring app for viewing.
    Looping Video OverwriteThe 250-8950 DVR system record videos until the SD card has reached its capacity. Once this occurs, the system begins to overwrite video from the oldest to the most recent.
    Parking ModeA unique feature of the 250-8950 DVR system is its ability to continue recording video from both front and rear-facing cameras even after the vehicle’s ignition has been shut off. During installation, a connection will be made to a constant input power source allowing the system to continue operating even when the vehicle is parked giving drivers a new sense of security while away from their vehicle.
    GPS Recording and Route/Speed ReadoutThe GPS antenna included with the 250-8950 DVR system allows for real-time recording of a vehicle’s speed and direction which can be overlaid onto a Google Map when using the desktop video viewing program.Note: Desktop video viewing program only available for Windows-based personal computers.
    3-Axis Gravity SensorThe 250-8950 includes a multi-axis G-shock sensor system designed to automatically tag videos for permanent storage while operating on the road or when stationary in Parking Mode.
    Low Power Consumption & Auto-ShutdownWhile operating in Parking Mode, the 250-8950 system draws minimal power from the vehicle’s battery (320mA@12V) to record after the ignition is powered off and can be configured with multiple complete shutdown options including voltage-based (battery drops to 11.5V, 11.7V, 11.9V, 12.1V, 12.3V), or time-based (6hr, 12hr, 24hr, 36hr, 48hr).