250-8220-SHUT 7" Monitor W/ Hinge Mount Camera

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7" Stand Alone LCD Monitor (250-8220) W/CCD Hinge Mount Camera 250-8220-SHUT


Complete Mirror/Camera System: 250-8220-SHUT

Monitor Specifications
7-inch diagonal TFT LCD monitor.
High resolution 800x480 display
Built-in sunshade
Auto day/night brightness adjustment.
Matte finish to reduce screen glare.
Dual video inputs for multiple cameras.
Independent camera activation triggers
Includes swiveled pedestal mount.
Adjustable brightness and contrast.
Built-in speakers for in-cab audio.
Selectable parking grid lines.
12-24 VDC operating voltage
Service part number 250-8220.

Camera Specifications
CCD color camera with 1/4-inch lens.
170-degree peripheral view.
.5 Lux light sensitivity.
Infrared LED ring provides night vision.
RCA and S-video video connections.
Includes 49-foot extension harness.
Includes swiveled hinge mount base.
Built-in microphone for in-cab audio.
Motorized automatic lens shutter.
IP 69 water and dustproof.
Service part number 250-8097A.