Radio Repair Estimate Request

We specialize in repairing Factory Delco, Ford, Chrysler and Toyota OEM Car Radios. You can save on having your Factory OEM Car Radio repaired with us. Here are some great reasons you should send your Factory Car Radio to us for repair and maintenance, rather than other repair shops. We are experienced and are familiar with these radios. Our expert technicians can troubleshoot all problems. We keep a full line of repair parts in stock so you can get your radio fixed right, the first time. Every radio repaired, comes with a full one year no hassle warranty.

We repair all types of problems - DVD , CD , Cassette , Navigation , Auxiliary Inputs ( Aux Inputs) , Display , Backlighting , Worn out Buttons , Audio Problems and many more....

We offer FREE ESTIMATES ON DELCO , FORD , CHRYSLER & TOYOTA OEM FACTORY RADIOS, if you send in a OEM FACTORY RADIO and decide not to get it fixed we will not charge you a fee for looking at the radio in question.

Give us a call @ 1-800-343-1382 Or You can send us an Email by filling out the information below.

If you decide to send us your radio print out the repair form to send it with your radio

CLICK HERE To Print Radio Repair Form To Send In With Your Radio